Why Fitness Is Only Half the Battle

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People engage in physical activity to improve their productivity and increase their stamina and health. However, as an employer, did you know that while your employee might be physically fit, they could fail to be emotionally and mentally healthy? Fitness is not the only way to measure your overall wellbeing, and treating it as such could be detrimental to you and your team.  This is one of the reasons companies are turning to corporate wellness programs with both strong physical and mental components. This can really make the difference to ensure staff overall wellbeing - physically and mentally. 

What can a wellness program do for you?

Corporate wellness programs typically include services like office fitness boot camps, meditation, ergonomics, and even pampering chair massages. All of these programs are meant to allow employees to get the kind of mental and physical exercise they need to achieve maximum productivity. 

Why do we need to address mental and emotional health? 

Boosting Confidence

Being mentally unfit, stressed, or even having poor relationship skills can lead to insecurities. The basic need for improving your staff self-confidence is addressed through corporate health programs that focus on mental health, exercise, nutrition, and workout programs. Mindful meditation and physical fitness improves positive self-image, boosts self-esteem and increases self-worth.

Preventing Cognitive Decline

Sometimes great stress and anxiety come from our work obligations- meetings and deadlines can make our brains unfocused.  Losing brain function due to depression or mental fatigue can be prevented by meditation, nutrition, and even mental health wellness programs. Companies with corporate wellness programs tend to perform better, as they cater to their employees overall wellbeing.

Managing Anxiety

Has anxiety ever prevented you from accomplishing everything you set out to? It happens more than one might expect. Yes, fitness and workout sessions might improve one's physicality, but mental health programming and meditation are essential to help alleviate the anxiety that manifests itself in many workplaces. 

Mental health programs offer other benefits besides simply alleviating stress and improving self-confidence. These programs help sharpen memory, boost brainpower, manage unhealthy tendencies, and increase relaxation. By making sure to encourage the mental and physical health of your employees, everyone will benefit from a more mindful workplace.