Harvard Study Says Meditation Improves Self-Awareness

meditation and self awareness.jpg

As more and more qualified candidates enter the workforce, being focused, innovative and productive is essential for employees to secure their jobs and stay at the top of their game. However, the natural result of this exertion is stress, and sometimes even burnout.  How can you ensure that employees maintain and even improve their productivity? One essential tactic is to ensure that mindfulness and meditation a part of your office culture. Here are a few ways meditation at work will improve workplace productivity. 

Laser Focus

A study by the University of Washington shows that meditation helps people stay focused, make fewer task switches, fight negative emotions and leads to improved memory. In a world of constant stimulation by technology and pressure from deadlines, ensuring that the brain takes time to itself is essential. The effect meditation has on your staff, and your brain is immense.

Staying in the Now

People in the workforce are naturally thinking ahead, and often give more attention to the goals in their heads than the people in the room. As long meetings progress, people become less and less engaged. Meditation comes in handy when it comes to combatting this natural mental fatigue. Meditation serves as a reminder to focus on the task you are doing at that moment and the importance of doing it right.

Social Awareness

A recent study by Harvard Medical School shows that mindful meditation affects the gray matter in the hippocampus associated with compassion, self-awareness, and introspection. By cultivating these important social qualities, you will gain a new perspective into your working relationships, and value the insight of others more. Things only move forward when you leverage the power of communication and teamwork at work. The output from a cohesive team will always be superior. 

Adios, Stress!

We all deal with stress on a daily basis- but learning strategies to manage that stress is the key to success. There is no better way to let go of stress throughout the day than by taking advantage of office health and wellness programs at your disposal. Whether you are an employee and an employer, these programs come in handy. They include meditation at work and other beneficial programs.

So do you think is meditation at work important? Mindful meditation can improve your productivity. Embracing office mental health programs such as this will help your employees by making them better versions of themselves.