Wim Hof Method: Learning to be Human

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The unacknowledged issue with work, productivity, success and happiness is the challenge of being a human being. We have created a society that values high output and achievement, without consideration of people. Our expectations of workers have become unrealistic and people are paying the price.

Being a human in a body is a challenge. We get sick, we feel good sometimes, bad other times and we don’t have much control of how this cycles from minute to minute and day to day. We all want to be happy and successful, but so often we feel like we haven’t done enough and that we want something more.

When it comes to the workplace, these universal and all too common challenges are ignored and unwelcome. Work can easily become a place where success is the only measure, where there’s no room to face and overcome the underlying challenges of being human in this fast-paced world. What we end up with is a group of people working together, faced with the same challenge of being human in a modern workplace, ignoring their own humanity and the humanity of those around them.

What is there to be done? We can’t create perfect human beings to replace us. What we can do is learn to become human again and allow room for humanity to exist in the workplace.

The Wim Hof Method is designed to connect people back to what it means to be a human being. Breathing and being embodied are two of the most important parts of being alive. Practicing the Wim Hof Method can help anyone to connect more deeply with breathing and being in a body.

In the method, cold exposure helps people have a direct experience of being in a body. The cold can be a mirror for the way we are constantly running away from the discomfort of being in our body. In entering the cold, the body reacts, telling us to escape. When we connect with the right mindset and relax in the face of this challenge, we are training ourselves to become friends with our body. We are learning to stay centered, no matter what challenge or difficult feelings might arise in life. This is so powerful because it allows us to finally stay still and find our potential, instead of running away to find comfort and escape.

Our breath is fundamental to being alive. How we breathe is a reflection of how we are feeling. Learning to breathe properly and finding the potential of the breath is central to the Wim Hof Method. Our conscious ability to relate to our breath opens the door to awareness and the power to shift how we feel in any moment. To understand your breath and to breathe properly, allows anyone to connect with the present and experience being human.

Instead of trying to make humans more efficient, with fewer problems and more achievements, lets make humans more human. Why do we have workplaces in the first place, but to express those visions, desires and aspirations that are so uniquely human?

To bring a class on this method into your office, reach out at www.welnys.com!

Emma Harre