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Chatting with a Functional Dietician - Ryan W.

The next day at my gym I saw there was a sign for a nutritionist that I had seen so many times but never actually noticed, so I thought “I should go see this nutritionist and see what she can do for me.” My goal was to gain weight. I didn’t want to be a big guy, but I just wanted to put on some muscle because I’ve always been very lean and thin. The thing that I liked about her is that she got...

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Getting to Know a Wellness Psychotherapist - Victoria R.

What we are experiencing now in terms of work and disconnection from family and connecting with technology is detrimental to us. We are prehistoric beings that are connecting with a society that is almost too advanced for us. I can see the anxiety that people have within their lives even when things are going well. It’s changed in the sense that we have more scientific evidence saying relations...

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